Additional documents for using the green tool and analysing its results

Evidence based study and Action Plan to decrease the environmental footprint of grassroots sports

This intellectual output (IO3) presents an Action Plan in different languages (English, French, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish) based in an evidence based study realized by Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and aimed at providing with a checklist to the clubs in order to execute actions to reduce their environmental footprint and take responsibility for their environmental impacts to reach sustainability.

Download the Evidence Based Study and Action Plan in PDF

Green Tool Users’ Guide

This manual has been designed to help and guide the users of Green Tool through registration, navigation, data entry, report and seal acquisition, and finally interpretation of the results.

Download the Green Tool Users’ Manual in PDF (English)

Report of the environmental footprint for the baseline scenario

This report is the study upon the GreenTool is based on, realized by Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna. Provides information about how the football clubs’ environmental footprint is calculated and which is the status of the clubs in terms of their environmental impact.

Download the Report of the Environmental Footprint for the Baseline Scenario in PDF