The Intellectual Output consists of a series of educational modules to train the main stakeholders of sport facilities about sustainability in sport clubs and events. All the modules will be translated in user-friendly information to be contained in the manuals that will be produced in the end: one for players to a more sustainable behaviour, and for parents to support it and adopt it as well and one for educators and staff, to be shared and used by the related target groups.

Sportspersons and athletes

A manual for sportspersons (players) addressed directly to the users of the sports centers.

The methodology used will be Non Formal Education, completed by theoretical inputs, and will follow a learner-centred approach to provide better tailored contents to the different target groups.

The modules will be developed so they can be used both as a whole, following a logical order easy to read by the users, and also one by one in case of specific topics to be treated.

It will be diversified for different needs and target groups, although the target will be identified for each workshop and could be also both with some differences.

Some of the contents we are foreseeing for the manual, all to be applied for the specific case of sport centers and sport events:

  • Overview of the energy use in sports facilities.

  • Water Consumption in sports facilities.

  • Use of Sport Equipment.
  • Waste Management.
  • Plastic consumption reduction.

  • Sustainable mobility.

  • Environmental footprint.

Download the Manual for Sportspersons and Athletes (English full version)

Managers and staff of the sports organizations

This task will create a second educational module dedicated to other stakeholders that in one way or another are multipliers and have the capacity to influence other targets.

The methodology to develop it will follow the first one, and the topics treated will be similar, but with some substantial differences.

Regarding the modules for the staff (coaches, technicians, managers), it will mainly follow a more technical approach containing different information about possible ways for the people that are living the “everyday life” of the sports centers to adopt sustainable behaviours, but also how to facilitate the same approach by their users through different tips.

Ways to integrate it in the internal policies of organisation management will also be presented.

Besides the information about all the workshops, it will also have a more technical approach on the general philosophy of the module, on the approaches to use, on how to work with Non Formal Education techniques, and such.

Download the Manual for Managers and Staff (English full version)

The Educational Modules have been designed to be highly adaptable by the coaches, trainers or educators using them depending on their specific needs and target group. The resources indicated in each workshop (time, spaces, group size, etc.) are also adaptable to different contexts and situations.

If you want to carry out one or more of our workshops but you are having a challenging time in adapting the activities to your target group (for example a mixed group of players and coaches, a mixed ability group, or small children aged 6-7 years old), or if you want to make sure about some details, you can always get in touch with us at 

We will always be more than pleased to support you in designing and implementing your educational modules following the Greencoach approach, and eventually schedule an online meeting to clarify any aspects needed.