The first TPM in person after a long time in Oslo, Norway

After a long period of online meetings, due to the COVID pandemic, the partners of Greencoach finally met in person again in Oslo, Norway

On 13th and 14th October 2021, after a long time in which the partners couldn’t meet face to face due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID19 pandemic, we finally got the chance to gather together in Oslo, Norway, hosted by the Norwegian Football Federation.

The two-days meeting was a great opportunity to reconnect with each other and have an in-depth look to the ongoing work of all the partners on the educational tools, the green tool, the campaign and the multiplier events done and in preparation.

It was a great opportunity to start discussing about viability of the project and how to improve its dissemination, with the commitment of all the partners involved.

All the partners attended with at least one representative, for a total number of 9 people in person, and 1 which attended the whole meeting in videoconference due to still existing restrictions in Sweden.