On 17th December 2020 we organized a Workshop on sustainability and sports to gather information about how to create a tool that would allow sportclubs to measure their environmental footprint.

Participants from 5 countries took part in the workshop together with the organizers, Ecoserveis (project coordinator from Spain) and Sant’Anna University of Advanced Studies (partner from Italy).

Since GreenCoach started, the team noticed that it can be hard for clubs to get data on environmental parameters and that’s why participants were asked where they struggled more. The reason some of the data is hard to get varies and it is mostly because there are no systems in place or the person who manages it has difficulty accessing the data.

Using AhaSlides, the workshop took the chance to ask the partners who had the data for every environmental parameter. In this regard, as seen in the images below, there are many different answers from different clubs and depending on the environmental parameter. In some cases club managers did not know which makes environmental governance at this level be more challenging.

In addition, by asking participants what they believed it was more important in order to focus on tackling climate change in the field of football. In this regard, transport was seen as the most important factor followed by a change of energy sources to renewable energy.

There are still things we are figuring out in terms of how the data can be better collected and what can motivate clubs to increase their environmental governance. But this analysis is a good way to start looking at what is missing to think about what needs to be done.

Finally, we are proud to say that the participants showed motivation to be involved in leading the way to a more sustainable future.