SVFF represents Sweden’s largest sport. It’s a huge responsiblity to every day contribute to the positive impact that football has on the individual and on our society. The aim is to grow in numbers, in staying power and in frequency. For that, they have gathered together our CSR and sustainability efforts in ‘Football in the Society’.

Taking responsibility. As Sweden’s most popular sport, meeting forum and subject of discussion, SVFF has a responsibility, but also a unique opportunity and ability to make a difference.

Football is a positive force.  Football can have an influence on people. As more people get involved and stay longer within the football movement, its positive social impact increases.  Therefore, there is a continuous effort in seeking to develop a sustainable business.

Football is a part of society.  There is also a responsibility to develop the business. The players, and all others involved, expect the federation to be aware and ensure a positive and sustainable business.

Sustainability is profitable for football. A clear sustainable position increases awareness and interest from the various parties and partners involved – players, parents, leaders, fans, audiences as well as sponsors and media.

Sustainability has a place in communication. There is a need to reach out to make a difference in society, to strengthen the value as frontperson for a football that each and everyone of us can be a part of. SVFF wants to be a leader and a role model, giving space and time to others who share same values in the communication.

A part of the global community

As Sweden’s largest sports movement, SVFF makes its contribution to the UN’s global goals for sustainable development – within its core business, as well as within society as a whole.

Within the framework of the UN’s global goals, SVFF works with several different areas and projects. Here is a description of all initiatives in Swedish football :

  • A step forward

Girls with a foreign background do not take part in football to the same extent as boys with a foreign background, and this project aims to attract more girls with a foreign background to football. Together with the target group, a set of core values to be then be used within the football movement has been developed. Adults will gain knowledge about how to act if faced with honour-related violence and oppression. Financed with funds from the Heritage Fund (Arvsfonden).

  • Life tackle

Aims to improve waste management at football matches and the overall level of awareness and knowledge of environmental issues within the football sector.

  • Football school

Football school is a forum for children to exercise, develop their motoric skills and become better football players. As important is how children treat each other. Football school allows children the opportunity to develop good behavioural skills with each other both on and off the football pitch.

  • Simplified ways to compete

Simplified ways to compete for those 13 years and older. A 2-year project that started spring 2020. The background to the project is the need for Swedish football to develop different ways to compete in football. We need to develop more destinations to keep hold of players. Football aimed at youth/seniors today is above all competitive football based on a league system. The aim of the project is to create simplified ways to compete to be in place across the nation by 2022.

  • Plus 10,000

Initiative to increase the number of women involved as leaders and coaches. The goal is to recruit at least Plus 10,000 more girls and women within football by 2022 – based on the current situation this would mean three to four leaders per association. The initiative will bring about a long-term, sustainable effort for leader support. This means more women as football leaders in different positions on and off the pitch.

  • More involved

Swedish Football’s trainee and mentor programme with a focus on education, experience exchange and the development of Swedish football. The programme is aimed at people 18-30 years old who want to learn more and get more involved in Swedish football’s future development. Young leaders from across the country have been supported by experienced mentors from the Swedish football family.

  • Football Fitness

A form of exercise that suits everyone no matter your age, football experience or physical ability. Football Fitness can be defined as organised spontaneous football. The training requires no previous football experience, we play on a smaller pitch and a ball is used in all practices. Focus is on improving health in a fun and social way rather than on winning.

  • Energy Initiative

Rexel Sverige AB is Official Energy Partner to Swedish football. Together with them it has been developed an ‘Energy Initiative’ with the goal of reducing electricity consumption at the associations’ facilities. In brief, this cooperation with Rexel means they assess and plan football facilities using innovative and energy-efficient solutions. The initiative in turn allows the associations to concentrate their time and resources on training children and youth.

Together, we are Swedish football